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Like a car tire, pneumatic tires provide excellent shock absorption and load protection for less damage. Best uses include uneven terrains or surfaces such as gravel, curbs, or door thresholds.
These are slightly softer than pure solid rubber tires and provide more shock-absorbing characteristics. They are less bouncy than pneumatic tires and will not go flat. Great for any hard surface.
These are non-forgiving, hard rubber tires that can't go flat. Good for heavy loads on smooth surfaces like warehouse floors or pavement.
These are similar to solid rubber tires but they are "molded" right on to the hub. They are lightweight and have a thin profile which makes them great for smooth, indoor surfaces.
They have a narrow profile and are easy to roll. They are relatively lightweight and have poly hubs. Popular for light-to-medium loads when maneuverability is important. They provide some shock absorption and will not go flat.
Picture a solid rubber tire with many tiny air bubbles built inside. These tires offer shock absorption under heavy loads, but not as much as a pneumatic tire. This best overall tire for all surfaces never goes flat and is long-lasting.
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10 Quick Tips for Buying Hand Truck Wheels

1. Pneumatic wheels are filled with air, just like car tires. Dolly wheels offer the most cushioning of any hand truck wheel and are the most popular general use hand truck wheel. Air-filled hand truck wheels are generally three inches wide and have steel hubs.

2. Semi-pneumatic wheels have air pockets built into the tire so they never need to be filled with air.

3. Moldon rubber wheels are solid rubber and feature a thinner profile than pneumatic wheels.

4. Solid rubber wheels generally have a higher load capacity than pneumatic wheels because these dolly wheels are stiff and never go flat.

5. Balloon cushion wheels are made of solid rubber but have a round shape and thinner profile. This design makes this hand truck wheel easier to turn on smooth surfaces.

6. Some semi-pneumatic wheels have a zerk fitting that allows you to grease the ball bearings for a smooth ride.

7. Rubber wheels are the best hand truck wheels for use on hard, flat surfaces.

8. Hand truck wheels range in size from 2.5 inches all the way up to 12 inches. 


9. Poorly maintained hand truck wheels will greatly increase physical stress on the hand truck operator. Always keep hand truck wheels properly inflated and well maintained for optimal function and safety.

10. Swivel casters are a good option for moving lighter loads over.

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