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Good value hand 

  • Solid Construction
  • Value-priced
  • Many different uses
  • Great around the house
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hand trucks
  • Optimized design features
  • Better, easier handling
  • Many task-specific designs
  • Fantastic for office use
  • Great for using every day
  • Best value hand trucks
  • High-grade Materials
  • Optimally designed
  • All the top brands
  • High weight capacities
  • Warehouse, high-impact use
  • Looking for the best hand truck suited to your application? Let our other customers help you out!

    We've put together pages of the best selling hand trucks for 4 common uses. The best hand trucks for the warehouse are simple to use and capable of lifting heavy loads and lots of extended use. But someone's got to bring boxes to and from the warehouse - delivery drivers and companies, check out the best hand trucks for delivery for the extra-durable and convertible hand trucks best suited for you. For those in a sit-down style workplace, the best hand trucks for the office can manage paper boxes and supplies, but often fold down to maximize office space real estate. Homeowner? The best selling hand trucks for around the house are perfectly convenient for making daily chores just a little less of a chore.

    We Carry the Industry's Top Hand Truck Brands.

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    Highest Rated Hand Trucks and Hand Carts

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     Wesco Maxi Mover Hand Truck
    Fast Shipping!
    (37 Reviews)

    List Price: $169.99
    Sale Price: $102.10
     Rock N Roller R8 Mid Multi-Cart with R Trac
    (6 Reviews)

    List Price: $239.98
    Our Price: $169.99
     Rock N Roller R6 Mini Multi-Cart with R Trac
    (8 Reviews)

    List Price: $204.98
    Our Price: $139.99
     Rock N Roller R2 Micro Multi-Cart w/ R Trac
    (16 Reviews)

    List Price: $149.98
    Our Price: $109.99

    Hand Trucks and Hand Carts on Sale

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     Clipper 450 Folding Hand Cart with Kick Out Wheels
    (6 Reviews)

    List Price: $149.99
    Sale Price: $97.09
     Clipper Journeyman 420 Folding Hand Truck
    (4 Reviews)

    List Price: $95.99
    Sale Price: $74.99
     Clipper 710 Folding Super Luggage Cart
    (4 Reviews)

    List Price: $229.99
    Sale Price: $176.08
     Clipper 200 Jet Set Folding Hand Truck
    (12 Reviews)

    List Price: $59.99
    Sale Price: $36.30
    Super SaleIn Stock

    10 Quick Tips for Buying Hand Trucks and Hand Carts

    1. When choosing a hand truck or hand cart, consider the job you're doing and what will make it easier. An aluminum hand truck is lighter than steel, yet are comparable in load capacity. A steel hand truck is made of round tubing that is welded for strength. Hand cart wheels also make a difference. Solid rubber hand cart wheels are best for hard surfaces, while pneumatic hand truck wheels provide more cushioning.

    2. Hand cart accessories are a good investment and will save you time. Hand truck stair climbers are great for gliding up and down steps. Hand truck folding nose extensions are handy for stacking boxes or case goods and fold up into the frame while not in use.

    3. A 2-in-1 convertible hand truck can be used in the traditional upright position or lowered to a four-wheel position, like a utility cart, for heavy case loads.

    4. Folding hand trucks are generally smaller than a traditional handtrucks and are intended for lighter loads. The handles of folding hand trucks either telescope into the frame or fold in half. Many folding handtrucks are small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

    5. A standard hand cart is a one-piece frame that is welded or riveted for strength and durability. Many offer multiple wheel options. The load capacity is generally 600 lbs. or less. The most common materials used to make Magliner hand trucks are steel and aluminum.

    6. A heavy duty hand cart has a higher load capacity rating than a standard hand cart, generally between 600 and 800 lbs. Handle styles include pin, dual, P-shaped, and U-shaped. Choose the handtruck handle you are most comfortable with for the job you're doing.

    7. An appliance hand truck is designed to move household appliances and large furniture. The nose plates are generally 24 inches wide and five inches deep. This allows maximum leverage power. Many appliance hand trucks include straps to secure the load.

    8. A compact or luggage hand cart is designed to be portable and usually have a collapsible handle. A luggage hand cart is commonly used by travelers, teachers, salespeople, lab techs, and anyone who needs help with light deliveries or small loads.

    9. A drum handtruck is used exclusively to move round, 55-gallon storage drums. Most have two cleats that catch the bottom of the drum and can handle approximately 1,000 lbs. Work with a partner to break the load onto the drum handtruck. Remember, safety first!

    10. As the name implies, specialty hand carts are designed for specific jobs, such as moving trees, chairs, tables, bulk luggage, kegs, 5-gallon pails, bottled water, and heavy machinery. Choose a Wesco hand truck that makes your specific job easier.

    For more on hand trucks and hand carts, check out our Helpful Information page.

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    "I received my hand truck today. I was pleasantly surprized after I opened the package. This product was more than I had expected! ... I have been shopping for a hand truck that would meet my criteria for a long time. I knew what I wanted in a hand truck. This one was "over-the-top"!

    Thank you for this wonderfull product, and the timely delivery!!"

    -Robert U., satisfied customer

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