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Uses For Hand Trucks

Know What You're Doing

A hand truck is defined as an L-shaped handcart with a handle on top, hand truck wheels and a small ledge at the bottom. It is designed to move large or heavy items in a slightly reclined position. Basically, hand trucks (both appliance hand trucks and luggage hand trucks) are levers for transporting items.

The load is secured to the hand truck using nylon straps. The hand truck should be pushed forward when going downhill and pulled from behind when going uphill. Forward movement is the most stable, but a large load can block vision. Always load heavy items at the bottom of the hand truck and lightweight items on the top. Beware of obstructions and hazards like oil/grease and water spills.

Appliance Hand Trucks

Whether at home or at work, appliance hand trucks help to transport anything from boxes and file cabinets to refrigerators. Rugged, tubular, steel hand trucks are available in two- or four-wheel professional models. Four-wheel appliance hand trucks feature a quick release that converts a two-wheel stair-climbing hand truck to a stable four-wheel incline hand truck able to haul up to 1200 pounds. Two-wheel steel appliance hand trucks can usually haul about 700 pounds.

Wesco Steel Vending Hand Truck

Lightweight aluminum hand trucks are usually limited to a 300-350-pound weight capacity. Magnesium hand trucks are a higher price than aluminum, but they are 33% lighter; magnesium appliance hand trucks can haul up to 750 pounds.

Luggage Hand Trucks

Most suitcases and many travel or school backpacks have built-in hand truck frames for easy maneuvering. For those traveling with several bags, luggage hand trucks are lightweight; some convert to four wheels to carry an expanded number of suitcases. The concept originated with hotels and airports offering large, flat-bottom hand trucks, some with a second platform and attached hanging bar, to accommodate customers' needs.

Carrying multiple suitcases can cause undue strain on both the person doing the transporting and expensive luggage. Luggage hand trucks prevent physical injuries and property damages, while eliminating the number of trips to and from the car, airport terminal, house, and hotel.

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